Chapter 18

The following Saturday after a day full of second generation cousins chasing Pepe, her mother trying to convince Gerald Jr. to try an all natural smoothie, and all the cousins reviewing the success of their assignments for the previous week, Beatrice slumped into a chair waiting for Arthur.  According to the cousins’ plan, nothing too drastic had happened this week: a small car accident, a fight on the playground, a spill at a restaurant – normal compared to what Beatrice assumed was coming.  

Arthur quietly opened the door, quickly walked through, and slid the lock back in place.  Looking at each other, the circles under their eyes matched, and their disheveled hair indicated their confusion and frustration with this week’s developments.

“Where your superiors able to discover anything?” Beatrice began, referring to the sensation they experienced when talking to Janelle.

“They thought I was crazy at first… So they put others into the game.  We now have a spy at the bakery, who asked Janelle if she was new to the area and where she moved from – she had the same sensation.  We have two spies dedicated to Issac’s family.  One is their neighbor, and was able to talk with several of his sons after they broke a window.  He asked if they had broken any windows before, they recounted about eight different windows and all of their locations, but he could only hear two of them.  Each of those locations we already have records of.”

“Did that convince the rest of your team?”

“Not quite, but our spy at the bakery had surveillance with audio.  When our superiors reviewed the audio, they had a change of heart.”

“What are we going to do then?  We have about three more weeks until their plan come to fruition and then they disappear again!  I can’t have them terrorizing my life anymore,” Beatrice said struggling to keep her calm voice from tottering over to full blown fury.   

“Well, from the spy side, I can’t say anymore than it is being looked into – need to know and all.  From this side and as your friend, I think the best thing for us to do is stall, make their plan take as long as possible, and maybe throw them a curve-ball or two.”

“How do you suggest we do that?” sighed Beatrice.

“I think it is about time you spend an evening at my apartment.  We have been dating for almost three years.  Tomorrow night you will come for an evening of fine food and romance – at least that’s what your cousins will think,” said Arthur more seductively than Beatrice imagined possible.

“And then,” Arthur returned to his all business manner of speaking, “We’ll hatch our own plan.”

Shortly after, Beatrice walked Arthur to the door.  He pecked her cheek as usual, and turned to leave.  Halfway down the stairs, he looked back and winked saying, “See you tomorrow!”  She instantly felt her heart flutter, while he was proud all his winking practice finally paid off.

-M.R. Gavin


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