Chapter 28

Beatrice drifted.  She had no idea where she was, how many days passed, who looked in on her.  Hearing whispers, she stirred briefly, but understood none of what was said.  At one point she awoke to several heads looming over her own, though the world went black too quickly for recognition.  However, she did experience a few periods of lucidity, when she heard the voices of Arthur and her cousins, but was unable to respond.   Those were torturous moments with Beatrice trapped inside her own mind.  She heard and understood what they said, but none of it made sense.  Screaming in her head and demanding they take her to her mother, sent her back to the darkness quickly and without relieve.

This quasi present state of being combined with the betrayal she felt eliminated Beatrice’s hope.  She dreamt of the horrors her cousins previously performed, of the future damage they plotted.  She thought about how they had always been in her life, disappear and appearing time and time again. Her thoughts both conscious and unconscious were consumed with terrifying scenarios – real and imagined.  Gradually, Beatrice remained conscious for longer periods, but could not decipher where she was.  From what she could see, she was in an extremely small room, in an even smaller bed.   Although she felt full, she could never remember eating; despite hearing whispers, she never fully awoke when they were near.  The utter darkness only furthered her confusion.  

She succumbed to confusion and retreated into horrific nightmares.  Beginning to accept whatever this was as her eternal fate, she replayed her life in her head.  She reminisced in reverse, considering the events that had brought her to this abysmal stasis, and remembering her cousins invasions through the years.  Recalling the day her mother called to inform her of her unexpected visit, she fondly thought of her pristine, but woefully unmemorable apartment and her unchanging, precise routine. Retreating further into her mind, she reenacted every moment with her cousins, until she realized her first memory was of Gerald Jr. biting her finger and taking her stuffed elephant.  Her mother swooped in with a purple polka dot band aid, wiping her tears, singing “Yellow Submarine” and shooing Gerald Jr. out of sight.

With that memory, she began wondering about the lineage of her cousins.  They were always around, but her mother never really explained how they were related.  To be honest, even Beatrice’s father was a mystery.  All she knew was her mother took many adventures, followed her whims, and Beatrice’s father was one of them.  Because of his absence and her cousins presence, she always assumed her mother was just her usual unusual self and rebelled from the rest of her family.  But the more she sequestered into her dark room and her tormented mind, the more she considered strange her mother and cousins’ relationship was.  Her mother was as distraught as Beatrice at the appearance of her cousins.  Plus, her mother shared no resemblance to any of them.  

Suddenly, there was light.

-M.R. Gavin



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