Chapter 34

Arthur stared at Beatrice with a mixture of amusement and longing as she laughed.  He desperately wanted to divulge the plan to Beatrice; knowing would ease her mind and potentially grant him forgiveness, but he knew for the good of the world and the end of the cousins’ reign, Beatrice couldn’t know.  Realizing this, Arthur turned away shaken and aware he would never be forgiven.

As Beatrice’s laughter diminished, she glanced at Arthur’s back and with a chuckle said, “So my routine and focus prevent some of the blips, but now more than ever, I am having blips in my memory.  Why?  I know this house has something to do with my past.  The flower on the wall feels familiar, but I can’t place it because every time I think about it too much, I blip.  Explain.”

“That’s the thing,” Arthur said, his back still turned and head bowed, “Somehow your blips have latched onto other things.  Our theory, which is getting stronger by the minute, is your brain has grown so focused even memories of chaotic periods in your life blip.  It seems, as if your head has created its own defense mechanism.”

“Fine.  I have two more questions, and then I will bang on the door until they unlock it and get you out.  First, do you blip or was that all a facade?”

“What I said about Janelle is true.  It’s in the details.  The cousins discovered our missing detail was where they disappear to.  Somehow they manipulated the blip.  Anytime one of them shares where they go, the listener blips.  Their ability to understand and -”

“Second question,” Beatrice interrupted plainly, “have you figured out where they go?  Is this it?”

After taking a deep breath, Arthur locked eyes with Beatrice; he wanted to give her the answer she longed for, but didn’t have it.


Beatrice dropped her shoulders, her eyes fell to the floor, her entire body screamed defeat.  In the span of two minutes she went from laughing hysterically, to shaking uncontrollably.

Arthur’s gut reaction was to offer comfort.  He walked toward her placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.  She pulled away from his touch with shocking intensity.  

She stood, and made her way to the door.  Lifting her fist, she pulled it back to beat down the door, but Arthur stalled her hand.

“If you do that now, you won’t know all the things I have learned since being here.  Things that will help you get back to your life.”

“My life doesn’t exist anymore. I am no more than a pawn,” she said ripping her hand from Arthur and striding to the far side of the room.

“What if it is about your family?  And I don’t mean your cousins,” Arthur questioned.

Beatrice tilted her head – not unlike Pepe when he wanted a treat – and raised her eyebrows, inviting Arthur to continue.

“Your family is here.  Your mom and Pepe obviously, but also -“


-M.R. Gavin


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