suMMer is calling my name!

M.R. Gavin,

Hello hello hello. It’s GORGEOUS in my corner of the world right now, sunny and 65 degrees! The past week has been crazy hectic and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon, but I’m glad I found a quick moment to reply to your letter.

Like you, I am very excited for this journey, and I have a feeling our letters, stories, jokes, and opinions will only get better as time goes on. We have a lot of  e x c i t i n g things coming our way that I have no doubt will lead to philosophical discussions on the meaning of life and to funny, embarrassing, and gut busting anecdotes.

This beautiful weather has me thinking a lot about summer, and I cannot wait for it to be here. In order to keep my excitement in check, I made a list of all the things I am most excited for this summer:

  1. LONDON – I can neither confirm nor deny that I’ve been listening exclusively to British classic rock in preparation for my London summer adventure
  2. ICE CREAM – We eat a lot of ice cream to begin with, but copious ice cream consumption is deemed socially acceptable in the summertime.
  3. WARM WEATHER- It’s warm right now, but tomorrow there could be ten inches of snow on the ground. I prefer consistency.
  4. ALASKA – What can I say, this summer’s travel itinerary rocks! Also, did someone say whale watching?
  5. YOU – I’ll get to spend a whole week with you (and M.J. Gavin, Momaroo, Gramsicle, et al.) and we’ll be on a boat (woot woot!)
  6. BOOOOOOKS – Something about summertime reading is just magical
  7. DOGS – I miss all the puppers while I’m away, but I’ll get to hang out with Bubba for a few weeks in May
  8. SHORTS – and t-shirts and anything that is not a sweater or a coat.
  9. LONDON – I feel like this needs to be listed twice (also ALASKA)

(For the record, I made this a nine point list because I like square numbers.)

This week I read Five Point Someone: What Not To Do at IIT by Chetan Bhagat. I have some criticisms of it, but I think it’s worth reading. There is also a Bollywood movie called 3 Idiots based off the book. I watched it Friday, and I’ve had the soundtrack stuck in my head ever since (~ zoobi doobi zoobi doobi ~).

Talk soon!


M.A. Gavin


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