In need of input, please advise.

Hello M.R. Gavin,

I have a few things I’d like to discuss with you.

First and foremost, I want to  adopt a bunny. Now I recognize that given my current status as an income-lacking and at times very busy student, adopting a pet must be done only after careful and reflective consideration. I must answer many questions before diving into the rewarding and challenging world of pet parenting. These questions include but are not limited to:

What would I name the bunny?

What if the bunny already came with a name?

Floppy eared or pointy eared? (Admittedly I am unsure what the correct term is for non-floppy bunny ears)

Should I buy the bunny a sweater?

Should I buy the bunny a bunny sweater?

As I’m sure you can agree, these are difficult and life altering inquiries to address. Please advise.

Second, I am trying to decide what to do with my summer. As you are aware, I have a summer stipend to use, and I could get an internship or study abroad (a third option is an independent project, but I’m not really sure how I’d swing that). I’m hesitant to take just any internship. I’ve done the internship thing more than once now, and if I’m going to do it again, I need to know that I’ll be doing more that putting together spreadsheets and making copies (this is not to say that I did not enjoy or benefit from previous work and internship experiences, simply that I’d like to take on bigger projects if I intern again this summer). If I study abroad, I will not have any money. That would not be ideal, especially if I adopt a bunny and want to buy it a sweater. Please advise.

Third, I am filling out an application now which requires me to write a reflection on the notion of “punching above one’s weight.” I’m not much for violence, unless of course it is for WWE or hockey. Therefore, I am struggling to answer the question. Please advise.

Finally, as a sit in the library writing this post, a man sitting two seats to the left of me has fallen asleep and is snoring relatively loudly. This would not be a problem except for the fact that we are sitting in the quiet zone. I would kick him to wake him up, but, as previously mentioned, violence is not my cup of tea. Please advise.



M.A. Gavin




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