Writer Rules

  1. The purpose of this blog is to co-author a story. Any post not in line with the ongoing story is considered a violation.
  2. Always say yes. Or at least almost always. Don’t shut down ideas and storylines. Go with the flow.
  3. End each post with your name (e.g. -M.A.Gavin or -M.R.Gavin). Any co-authored posts will be signed -M.M.Gavin.
  4. Each post must be approximately 500 words. Any gross disregard of this rule is considered a violation.
  5. M.A.Gavin will post on Tuesday. M.R.Gavin will post on Friday. No exceptions, no deletions, no substitutions. Treat this project like the menu at a high end restaurant.
  6. Punishments for all violations will be chosen by M.J.Gavin, but can be vetoed by P.D.Gavin.
  7. Rules will be added and updated as needed.